Website Plagiarism Checker

With PlagiaShield, find all domains with content similar to yours.
Get rid of thefts.
Rank better.

Check your entire site for plagiarism

In record time, find all content thefts.
PlagiaShield also prepares everything so you can act on the results.

Fight plagiarism in 4 steps

Step 1. Check your site for plagiarism

It is as simple as enter your domain URL in PlagiaShield.
You will get results in a few minutes.

We scan all written content on your site and look for similar text online.

Step 2. Quickly identify thefts

Handling plagiarism for hundreds or thousands of URLs can be overwhelming.
PlagiaShield makes your work more comfortable and more productive.

All context is provided so you can quickly confirm if a website is stealing content from you:

  • Statistics on the level of plagiarism
  • Screenshots
  • Detailed comparison between your texts and theirs

Step 3. Ask owners for content removal

Now that you identified which sites are infringing copyrights, ask their owner to remove the paragraphs or the pages with problematic content.

For each domain, PlagiaShield prepares the email for you to send. It contains everything you need: from serious warnings to the list of URLs copying your text.

Most of the owners will act on your email. They will remove your texts from their paragraphs or delete the infringing page from their site.

Step 4. Fill in DMCAs

Thanks to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), you can go one step further and easily file complaints for copyright infringements. Within the Search Console, Google allows you to ask for the de-indexing of URLs copying your content.

Filling this form is a tedious process when there dozens or hundreds of thefts for a page.

PlagiaShield computes each field of the DMCA form for you. It also finds the best sentence to pick for your claims.